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The internet has made everything so much easier. It has enabled your mobile phone to become one of the most powerful devices that can fit into your front pocket. The possibilities have been endless, only limited by the creativity of the human mind. There are apps that can have food delivered to your doorstep. There are apps that can get a ride to come and pick you up. Whatever it may be, the ability to do these things at the click of a button make things more convenient and saves valuable time — allowing you to go out more and chat up the perfect stranger. But wait, there is an app for that too. Granted, you do not have to make a connection with your pizza delivery person or your taxi cab driver per se, but when we start taking the human connection away from the dating scene by putting courtship into an app then we risk losing the spark altogether. Lucky for us a Swiss-based team behind a new dating app, unlike any other in the market, is trying to change all of that. The app has been localized so that depending on the mobile phone settings the language it displays will be in either English or Thai.

Google Play App Roundup: BLINQ, Odd Bot Out, and CaastMe

Be the first to review this app. Android Apps. App ID: Version: 2. The app’s main problem is that it requires an absurd and abusive amount of Facebook permissions. It promises it won’t do anything with that information, but then again, you should be able to use the app without it being required.

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Swiss dating startup Blinq has unveiled its second main feature, which uses innovative proximity technology to alert its users when a potential match is nearby. Once a user activates their Bluetooth and enters Blinq, the app will begin searching for other nearby users who meet the criteria for their ideal partner.

According to the app, every user will be able to send one Now message each day, with those paying for premium subscriptions being able to send as many as five. It even works accurately indoors when there is no GPS available. We have now a network with over beacons at bars, clubs, malls, etc. Blinq Now is available to use on its iOS platform , but is yet to be launched for users with Android devices. The company is also planning to integrate the functionality of its recent HowHot campaign into the BLINQ app, meaning that algorithm will automatically select the best performing profile images for its users.

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This Dating App Uses an Algorithm to Tell You How Bangable You Are

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Discover, range & exchange with nearby iOS and Android devices Imagine a dating app notifying you when there is a match nearby, or a networking app BLINQ. Chat, Flirt, Date, Meet. The Magical Clock – Boost your family time.

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Blink (browser engine)

Get Started for Free. Read our Docs. Discovering nearby devices makes your app more physical, local and relevant. Imagine a dating app notifying you when there is a match nearby, or a networking app connecting you with people on the go.

Blinq dating app is just what we needed – an app version of the shallow site, hot or not. God save us all!:P.

But there’s something even more utilitarian not to mention shallow artificial intelligence will soon give the world: a dating app that tells you how bone-worthy you are. The app is intended to help users choose which pictures they should include in a dating profile based on an algorithmic evaluation of their hotness, but it’s ostensibly also useful in weeding out unattractive prospective partners, assuming you’re the kind of person who requires an elaborate mathematical formula to tell you whether or not you’re attracted to someone.

In the next step, a deep neural network — something like an artificial version of the human brain — analyzes the face with the knowledge of all the images seen before to [make its rankings]. Even if the bot were to do a perfect job of distinguishing the hots from the normals and the uglies, Zimmermann said that the ultimate goal of Blinq isn’t to distill cultural beauty standards into a mathematical formula. Rather, the app is meant to help people choose the profile picture that’s going to get them the most messages, specifically from a pool of people they’re most likely to find attractive.

The app picks up on people’s preferences as they look through potential mates, so it can determine the likelihood of a given user right-swiping on you as well. With that in mind, Rothe and his team have urged users not to take the AI judgements too seriously. On their website, they note that “attractiveness is highly subjective and its perception differs from culture to culture.

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Hot or NOT? New website rates how attractive you REALLY are

There are no other apps available from this developer. You can compare other apps by clicking on “Add Your Own” below. In this video, Professional Skater Bri, for AppGrooves, takes a break from the skateboard to show users her newfound hobby using time-lapse photography to make some cool images. Recognized for its array of photo filters and beautiful social feeds,.

Swiss dating app startup Blinq is playing around with a little algorithmic hot or not catnip, with a plan to add a machine-learning powered attractiveness.

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Dating app Blinq adds ‘InstaConnect’ feature

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Blink is a browser engine. Much of WebCore’s code was used for features that Google Chrome implemented differently such as sandboxing and the multi-process model. These parts were altered for the Blink fork, and although slightly bulkier, it allowed greater flexibility for adding new features. The fork also deprecates vendor prefixes ; existing prefixes will be phased out and new experimental functionality will instead be enabled on an opt-in basis.

Blink’s naming was influenced by the non-standard presentational blink HTML element , which was introduced by Netscape Navigator , and supported by Presto — and Gecko —based browsers until August Blink has, contrary to its name, never functionally supported the element. Several projects exist to turn Chromium’s Blink into a reusable software framework for other developers:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Free and open-source browser engine of the Chromium project. For other uses, see Blink disambiguation. Free and open-source software portal. Retrieved 31 December

BLINQ: Chat, Flirt, Date, Meet 2.6.1 APK

A man who tested an app to see how attractive he was found out that he was judged as being far less good looking than a tent in the background. The Imgur user WindowCleaner uploaded a selfie of himself in Gobi, Mongolia, to test the Blinq dating app but instead of assessing his handsomeness, it focused on a tent behind him and rated it ‘hot’. When he erased the tent from the image the app only rated him as ‘OK,’ going on to post the photo to Imgur which has now been seen over two million times.

Imgur user WindowCleaner uploaded a selfie of himself in Gobi, Mongolia, but the Blinq dating app instead focused on a tent behind him and rated it ‘hot’.

Blinq is a mobile app that enhances users’ existing messaging apps. Blinq helps make conversations more personal and relevant by.

Photo: Blinq. Last week, an addictive new app launched to fuel our selfie obsession. Just upload a photo and howhot. The idea is that the attractiveness algorithm will eventually help Blinq users choose the best of several photos they upload. Of course, this makes the algorithm biased in favor of Swiss beauty standards. In other parts of the world the perception might be very different.

I opted for a nomakeup photo to get the most honest results I could. The algorithm also guessed that I was 19, four years younger than I am. I gave it another go with a selfie I took when I tried out the new Microsoft Selfie app. Since Microsoft put my face through the wringer, my skin and the lighting should be perfect. In round three on Blinq, I tried out a photo with heavy makeup from when I went undercover to beauty counters.

This time, the app also guessed my age correctly the photo was taken days before my 23rd birthday. Does it really take this much makeup for me to look my age, though? I always knew I had a baby face, but not one that made me look four years younger than I am.

Three Apps Judged My Face and They All Said Different Things

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Blinq Launcher is blazing fast, beautiful and innovative home screen replacement app for android 4. Beacon dating app – Men looking for a man – Women looking for a woman. Swiss startup blinq has come and women. Third, the howl livebloggingof the thirteen fascists flogs divergent. Okay, so this is actually a dating app that moonlights as a meter to rate your Blinq is available for free for iOS and Android users.

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Let This Dating App A.I. Tell You How Hot You Are